Friday, October 18, 2013

Just stretching my fingers

I've decided to finally make my own blog, a for real blog, not just my tumblr where I don't contribute much. I don't actually find it very comfortable to write openly about what I think and what I've done today or whatever, but something that I do enjoy is thinking of crazy story ideas I could pursue. Unfortunately I lack the focus and expertise to sit down and write a 300+ page novel, rewrite, grab criticism from a bunch of people and do it all over again. But with a blog I can just have fun with writing and post whatever crazy shit I want, then maybe I'll even get better at it this way.
Of course, what's a blog without an audience of some sort? I'd like everyone to visit my dear friend's blog that is much more about bloggy stuff.

I'm not currently writing anything now, but I sure am trying to make it happen. I have so many ideas I'm almost having the opposite of writer's block sometimes. Well, relatively speaking, all of these ideas pertain to the same fictional universe. I'm not the kind of person who can crank out an original short story every other day. I use this program called Evernote that syncs documents you write to their magical servers in case your computer fatally craps itself, so I've been writing a TON in several different documents about what I want to have happen in the story, certain ideas I could expand on, a to-do list of what details I need to think of (creating fake towns is hard) et cetera. But I like what I've got so I'm making myself commit to this one. Hopefully soon I'll be able to publish the first chapters, because everyone knows stories don't get interesting until a little bit in. Then more people I know can read it and ask what's wrong with me.

In the meantime, I've been packing boxes so I can move, which sucks, but it's to a house that'll inevitably be less than half an hour away from's location, which is cool. Maybe I can blog with her.
Here's an image to celebrate.

So what else I've been up to recently? Mainly netflix. I started watching Supernatural because everyone on tumblr talks about it and I watched several seasons in some kind of crazy marathon but I'm taking a break from it now. The show's pretty depressing. I mean, it made me tear up too many times for mainly being about fantastical violence. The teary-eyed Tony threshold is zero! How dare they. Before that I was on an anime binge. I watched all of what's currently available of Blood Lad, Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online. I love them all to death now, even if I have no good reason to. I've even caught up with SNK's (attack on titan) manga, and I have to wait 'til next month for the next chapter. Which is something I totally wouldn't do to any of you, I might take a week off but once I start writing and I know exactly where I'm headed and how I'll get there the craziness will just continue to escalate!
Video game wise, it's been a sad month and a half for me. I had to box up my consoles and I've been too tired to even try to play my handhelds. Maybe it's because I'm waiting to buy this one game from Gamestop as my final act of enhancing my collection before I take the dive into living out of boxes for several months.
Not literally.
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